Hardware configuration

Enable the external tape interface

For the MZ-711 and MZ-811, this step can be omitted. For other models, i.e., those with an internal data recorder or a quickdisk, the external tape interface needs to be enabled, also see a description of the reverse of this operation.

Enabling the external interface is done by disconnecting the data recorder or quickdisk from connector P-12 and by connecting the jumper plug. This plug will wire the read and write signals to the external connectors and it will suppress the “Press play” message.

A jumper plug can be made from a plug similar to the one the data recorder and quickdisk use.

Jumper Plug

Jumper Plug

The wires are connected as follows:

MZ MZ signal
1 7 write
2 8 read
5 9 sense

These wires can also be soldered directly on the connector and optionally, the sense signal can be wired to an external switch.

The MZ-80K/MZ-80A/MZ-80B do not have external connectors. For these models an internal connection must be made.

Also see an instruction video on this subject.

Transfer cable

To wire an MZ to a PC, the following cable is used.

Transfer cable

Transfer cable

Wiring is as follows:

PC MZ signal
3 read tip read
10 write tip write
18-25 both sleeves ground

Alternative setup

To connect the data recorder to a PC, the following wiring should be used:

PC Data recorder signal
3 7 read
10 8 write
18-25 9 ground
9 4 motor on
6 +5V

The +5V must be provided by an external power supply (5V / min. 0.3A).

Software installation


The binaries can be found in this archive. After unzipping this archive, the binaries for Linux can be found in src/linux/release, those for Windows can be found in src\w32\release.

From source

Retrieve the source code with Git.

git clone

To compile for Linux:

cd mzput/src/linux

For Windows, use:

cd mzput\src\w32

The binary will be placed in the release subdirectory.

Notes for Windows users:

  • This program uses the callgate mechanism for real time operations. Since this mechanism is also used by viruses, the virusscanner may need to be disabled.
  • The files callgate.sys and callgate.dll must reside in the same folder as mzput.exe, or they can be installed in one of the folders in the system path.